2021 – The Fiesta Fawns

Written by David Tuffnell

Directed by David Tuffnell

produced by less is MORE Productions

“They wanted to be entertained, men working in filth each day, they wanted to come here and feel like James Bond. Wives and daughters could dress up and pretend to be more than a twin tub and vim. And we were one of the main draws, everyone knew us, still do. As soon as we heard the Fiesta was opening everyone wanted to be a Fawn. To be a Fawn Gav, was like being a goddess, a mix of beauty and brains.”
But for Sylvia, Vi and Connie, it wasn’t all Vino Collapso and Tom Jones…

As Vi returns to the Club Fiesta in 2019, what greets her is a place unrecognisable to the one she left in 1969. The atmosphere is gone, the dragon tooth ceiling, a distant memory, but somehow the ghosts of her past are still haunting her.

Mixing live songs from hit artists who played at the Fiesta in the late sixties, a three-piece band, a comedy turn or two and friendships that endure even death.

This play is inspired by The Club Fiesta Norton, the people who worked there and the acts who performed between 1965 – 1969. The characters are fictional and not directly based on real life people.

Young Vi: Hayley Mitchell

Young Sylv: Thea Jo Wolfe

Connie: Megan Robson

Tommy: Jared Leathwood

Various: Matt Waller

Vi: Sue Brackenbury

Sylv: Wendy Middleton