2015 – New Writing Festival – Bleeding Hearts by Ian Skelton

Bleeding Hearts  

By  Ian Skelton

“ We don’t have the brand familiarity of Oxfam or the glamour of a Marie Curie but we have to compete. That means taking it to the next level.”

“ What’s the next level Patrick? Start charging for bags?”



Charity shops – home to saintly souls who give their time to help folk less fortunate – but you might be advised to cross to the other side of the road to avoid the staff of ‘Bleeding Hearts’.

For bad Samaritans like these, charity really does begin at home.


A graduate of the MA in Screenwriting at the London College of Printing, Ian had three full-length plays on at the Gala Theatre, Durham, including the critically acclaimed ‘Get off at Gateshead’.  He has written comedy for several BBC shows, has a feature film in development and is currently writing the book for a country music musical set in the North of England.

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