2015 – New Writing Festival – A Butterfly Of Twenty Five Stone by Heloise Thual

A Butterfly of Twenty-Five Stone

By Heloise Thual


I’m not a butterfly yet…So  I  stay here…It’s cosy here…Everything surrounding me, close…Everything surrounding me so close that…Locked.



Butterfly To Be waits in her bedroom, in front of her television, to become a real butterfly. She knows that she is not ready yet, to go outside, with the other beautiful ones so she observes two perfect specimens on her TV …Perfect? And what if the glamorous exterior depicted on the screen was hiding a far crueller truth?




After graduating in Playwriting and Dramaturgy at the University of Glasgow, Heloise was selected by the Playwright Studio of Scotland for a Mentoring program in which she worked with the Playwright Clare Duffy. This year, Heloise received a New Playwrights Award and should present her new play “Unequally of Clay and Diamonds” on which she is working with the writer and director Alan McKendrick.

She is delighted to be part of the Less is More New Writing Festival.

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