“Deserves to be a sell-out”
by Sarah Crombie-Wheeler for remotegoat on 19/07/14

‘Bazaar & Rummage’ by Less Is More Productions can only be described as a perfect tribute to the recently deceased Sue Townsend, most famous for the Adrian Mole Series. Here we watch the hilarious antics of some colourful agoraphobics who are organising a jumble sale, Townsend’s script allows for witty come backs, bitchy attacks and over-dramatic hormonal displays. It would be easy to over-act these strong characters, however, under director David Tuffnell the protagonists deliver life-like acting with heart wrenching moments of irony intermingled with perfectly timed humour.

The surprising aspect of this play was the music. As the audience braces itself for the beginning of the first solo pieces, Victoria Holtom wows us with her ode to Barry Manilow. Yet, Holtom is not the only star of the stage (much to her character Katrina’s annoyance,) Sarah York as the swearing single-mum, Holly Robson as an OCD widow, Wendie Middleton as the hypocritical Christian and Rosie Fox as a straight talking social worker were born to sing live, mastering complicated harmonies with pitch perfection. This well-oiled production highlights the array of talent local in the area which could be easily lost in a blander play.

Less is More should be holding their heads high with this production; a real treat for anybody lucky enough to see it. The only disappointment was that the play had not sold out- which given the quality of the production and the enjoyment factor was a real surprise.

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