2014 – Bazaar and Rummage

Written By Sue Townsend

Directed by David Tuffnell

Produced by less is MORE Productions

Music & Lyrics by Sue Townsend, David Tuffnell, James Harrison & Graham Stygall


Somewhere in a Teesside church hall, a very unique group of women are about to meet!

Gwenda has a brilliant idea, in order to help a group of agoraphobic ladies she forces them to help at a local bazaar, enlisting the support of Fliss, a trainee social-worker. While sorting through the rummage it becomes very clear that it’s not just the physical jumble that they are managing to sort. It’s up to the ever-sensible Fliss to help keep the crowd under control.

Fliss – Rosie Fox
Gwenda – Wendie Middleton
Katrina- Victoria Holtom
Bell Bell – Holly Robson
Margaret – Sarah York
WPC – Doreen Frankland
& James Harrison as The Vicar

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