“Home truths from ladies’ loos.”
by Sarah Crombie-Wheeler for remotegoat on 26/09/13

Maggie Nevill is undoubtedly a talented writer and ‘The Shagaround’ as her first produced play is a funny, heart rendering portrayal of relationships between the sexes and within the sexes. A witty script ensured that the audience was well entertained yet unprepared for the dramatic change in ambiance in the second half.

The great thing about this play is its ability to throw out home truths; we’ve all been there. Maybe not to the extent of kidnapping and ransoming an ex-boyfriend in the ladies toilet on New Years Eve? However we’ve all stood together, solidarity in gender after being cheated on, dumped or lied to by the ones we love.

Less is More productions set a cast which delivered the play’s humour and tension well. There were some moments of brilliance from the male representative Matt, played by Shane Headlam whose voice managed to be heard over the cackle of revenge-seeking feminists with perfectly timed delivery. Whilst, Kelly Jackson’s doting and dithering portrayal of Sal was representative of so many broken hearts seeking refuge in alcohol.

Overall, an enjoyable play which Less is More productions delivered well, giving talented local artists a chance to shine. The dramatic change in mood in the second half seemed a little stunted, yet this was more to do with the play than the production. Yet, as the audience knows so many times when a fun night out with lads or lasses can quickly develop into something more sinister.

Entertaining and realistic, definitely worth viewing.

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