2012 – Miss Crispy 1988

Written by David Tuffnell

Directed by David Tuffnell

Produced by less is MORE Productions

“ Ever worked in a factory? Have you ever wanted something to happen, something exciting? Ever dreamt of something coming along and helping you stand out from the crowd? Well Sarah has, Denise too. In fact everyone who works on Line 2 wants a change because life can’t be all about packets of Cheese and Onion crisps.

Inspired by a series of interviews with women from Teesside, Miss Crispy 1988 tells the story of a beauty pageant with a difference.  Set in the north east at the end of 1987 and the start of 1988, Miss Crispy 1988 follows five very unique ladies with even more unique situations. Sarah is all about family, Betty is all about the union, Denise is all about the trends, Anne is all about her baby and Pam, well, Pam would just love a regular bowel movement.

A warm, moving and often funny play that pays homage to the women of Middlesbrough and shows just what depths of love and compassion they are capable of especially in the face of adversity. “

Please note the production contains some mild language and lots of crisp eating.

Middlesbrough Cast: 
Interviewer / Host: Pip Chamberlain
Betty: Doreen Frankland
Tom: Jonny Jones
Anne: Victoria Holtom
Sarah: Ruth Carr 
Denise: Kelly Jackson
Pam: Wendie Middleton

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