2009 – Beautiful Thing



Directed by David Tuffnell

Produced by less is MORE Productions


“Jamie lives with his mum Sandra, who dreams of getting out of the estate. Her boyfriend Tony dreams of what will happen next in Hollyoaks. Next-door is Ste who dreams of football and a life free from bruises and fighting. Leah, who lives the other way, dreams of Mama Cass. The biggest question is what does Jamie dream about? Or more importantly who? Jonathan Harvey’s magical and heart warming play is brought to life by a new Teesside company, less is MORE productions.”

Set originally in the council estates of Thamesmead, South London, Jonathan Harvey’s iconic ‘gay’ play is relocating to the estates of Billingham by a new professional company less is MORE. Part of Middlesbrough’s Supergay celebrations, less is MORE is collaborating with local teenagers to create a truly memorable performance of this tender play. For a limited time only, this is a chance to see local trained actors working together with young actors who have also grown up in and around the Tees Valley, perform a hugely loved and well received piece of theatre.

Winner of several awards for both the play and film version of ‘Beautiful Thing’, Jonathan Harvey was born in Liverpool in 1968, and was educated at Hull University (Psychology and Education) before moving to London, where he worked for four years as a special-needs teacher at a comprehensive school in Thamesmead, the area where his play Beautiful Thing is set. He started writing at the age of 16, with his play “The Cherry Blossom Tree”. He continued writing whilst studying and teaching, and it was for his play “Wildfire” that he was awarded an attachment to the National Theatre’s Studio at the end of 1992, prompting him to give up his teaching post and write full-time. He successfully wrote the series ‘Gimme, Gimme, Gimme’ and is now one of the main scriptwriters for ‘Coronation Street’.

The cast includes: –

  • Laura Lonsdale – Sandra (The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts – ALRA)
  • Phil Chamberlin – Tony (East 15 Acting School)
  • Rachel Scott – Leah (Stockton Riverside College, Oxford School of Drama)
  • Steven Winnie – Jamie (Newcastle College)
  • Marc Anthony – Ste (Middlesbrough College, Teesside University)

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